"Our" House Call Medical Service:  


a medical examination at home is not just a medical examination. Those who rely on our service often need dedicated time, personalized support, precise indications and a constant presence: and this is what we provide with our Service.

Do you need a GP at home? Choose general practitioner who, in addition to the visit, you can ask all the questions necessary to better understand the state of health and care ... do you forget to ask him something? Don't worry, you can contact him also after consult.

Do you need a Pneumologist at Home? The Pneumologist dedicates all the time necessary to provide all the indications on the state of health, on the therapies, on the improvement of the quality of life ... and if you need a reference even later, the doctor follows the person with check-ups with a cadence agreed with the family. All the doctors who are part of our network are qualified doctors, regularly registered and all carefully selected.

Do you need a MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION? Is is included in the cost of the visit.

All Doctors who make visits for our Service remain available by phone or email even after the visi. In the case of subsequent visits, it is possible to request the intervention of the same doctor, which can become a valid and lasting reference.


General Practice:

 It is possible to obtain a general practitioner's visit at home within 1-2 hours of booking. In addition to the visit carried out by a doctor who is regularly qualified and with many years of experience, it is possible to contact him again after the visit by telephone or e-mail. It is possible to request the intervention of the same doctor in the future in case of further needs.

Home Pneumologist:    


Our Pneumologists go home 365 days a year; our pediatricians remain available even after the visit and are available by phone until the patient's return to well-being. The pneumologist home visit is carried out within 1-2 hours of taking charge of the request and it is possible to request the same pediatrician in the following times.

Specialists at Home:

The Doctors who carry out Specialist Visits at Home are Specialized Doctors with long-term experience. It is possible to request a specialist visit at home by contacting us. Visits are made in a PRIVATE environment, so no request from your doctor is required. The timing of the provision of the Specialist Home Visits service may vary from a few hours up to a maximum of 24-48 hours from taking charge of the request.


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